Career tree

I would be interested in being a graphic designer or an artist. The thing that sparks in interest in these jobs is that i feel like being a graphic designer would be something i would enjoy doing making designs for different things like deigns on t-shirts. I feel like i would like to be an artist because i would be able to express my creativity.

I would like to work in tokyo japan because ive always loved japan and i would like to visit tokyo. I think the responsibilities in those jobes woudl be to always be on top of things always come up with different things and ddesigns and always have a creativity for it. i thik the salary would be atleast $31 and hour.

i would also like to be a fashion designer musician or athlete. i would be interested in these different jobs because i like them and i would like to do one in the future. i hope to be atleast one of these by the time i turn 25.